Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I always love Japanese bento. And I always waiting for a guy to make me one, wuahahahaha.

Kak Yani from Fendi Family is really good in this. Amazing! She can cook very well, and when I read her blog, I felt nothing but hungry. Check her family blog, really envy her kids! ^_^

Sharon told me about those Japanese food in Jusco. So, we went to explore the Japanese food department the other day. A big WOW from food-lover like me, after having nasi campur and nasi lemak in my hostel for such a long time.

A lot of choices for bento, and we really couldn't decide which one. For Japanese food-lover out there, check 'em out ya!

At the end of the day, we decided to buy the chicken bento a.k.a smiley bento(sort of). NICE!

Seaweed~ Tao Kae Noi

Now, let us introduce you to the ultimate super delicious seaweed - Tao Kae Noi!!!
At first, we found this in XiaXue's blog, when the lucky blogger got a chance to try all the flavour this seaweed. We want Tempura's flavour too! Can't wait!!!!

And then, when we went shopping in MetroKajang, we found this in Watson. Without hesitate, I grab 2 packets which are Wasabi and Tomato flavours. Yum Yum. Their seaweeds are really really crispy and tasty and really looooooooong. We personally love the tomato flavour very much and we really looking forward to try the tempura flavour!

And today, after I search it high and low in the whole MidValley, I found it in Guardian Pharmacy, Mahkota Parade. GREAT! I bought 3 packets!

Damn it. How come this seaweed are so crispy? Just can't resist it! Even my mom loves it~

So, grab some Tao Kae Noi's seaweeds now!
Trust us, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly suuuuuuuupeeeeer yuuuuuuummy, no joke~

Mashed Potato

These photos were for my Public Speaking presentation. Yup, since I love potato so much, my potato was one of my topic in the presentation. Mashed potato or whipped potato in those fast food outlet are really oily, ok, except the one in Kenny Roger's. I love it!!!

Whatever. Now let me show you step by step how to prepare a home-made mashed potato with the very little $ and time...

1. Slice the potato then boil them in the hot water for around 15minutes.

2.After that, when the potatos are soft enough, then put them in the bowl, add in a pinch of pepper, sugar and salt with 2-3 teaspoons of butter(depends).

3. Use a fork to mash it, with love... (-.-)

4.Voila, your mashed potato is ready to be served!

Isn't it amazing?
Try it yourself...trust me, really delicious...