Sunday, 6 May 2007


Mom fried mee today, with mix veggie.

[added] recipe for that:
The ingredient is: garlic, cintan mee(those dry instant mee), mix veggie, dry mushroom, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, peppers...
Very easy.
Try it at home

I'm so fat now. And found out that honey can burn our fat. Drink a cup of honey after we wake up and before our meal. Add in some honey in your fruit juice too. good.

Coffee,TEA or Me?

i was obssesed with tea lately...back in hostel...i have my favourite jasmine oolong tea while mugging...really awakes me and feel energetic too...

besides i'm so into passion fruit juice too...each time i have the chance to hang out in cafe...passion fruit would be the 1st drink that come into my mine...

so happen i went grocery shopping with mummy at tesco the other was my day...coz i found this....

OMG~~~!! passion fruit TEA!!!! i really curious how would it taste i decided to give it a go..

cameron boh tea~~ here i come....

put hot water to it...

look~!! it's genuine boh tea yaa~~~

ok...then u close it with a cup lid...about 15minutes...if u want the tastier tea...leave it a little longer....

sssllluuuurrrrrpppp~~ wait patiently yaaaa....well...let's see the result....'s done....

but..there's something i must aware u guys...u MUST add SUGAR!!!

at first i tought it will be like chinese sugar needed...but...for's a must for this tea...try it...but not highly recomemeded....baaahhh~~~

My kitchen

Oh my god.
You guys should take at look at this. All yummy recipes and very simple steps.
I'm so hungry now.
Will try the potato pancakes!

Kak Ina, sorry, the recipe is on the way.
Will force Sharon to blog about it later. She's quite busy now. Busy in love. Wuahahaha...

Okie, such a short post, cuz I'm REALLY hungry!