Friday, 8 June 2007

Watson warehouse sales...

First time I went for a warehouse sales like this...

So the Watson warehouse sales is in South City Plaza @ Serdang. At first I thought I can find lots of cosmetic like ZA or at least babyblue... I wanted to buy those hair styling gel from Lucidol too... But no, nothing.

The sales is at 1st floor (until this Sunday) and it's really in a mess! Like a big store room. We went there at night, so not many people around. Then I walked and take a look, but couldn't find anything. But my cousin started to dig for some nice stuff. So, my mood come lor.

At the end of the day, we bought few storage boxes, those fabric type one, big and small, for RM5 only!!! Damn cheap! I can use it to put all my nonsense stuff in it, like cosmetics, earrings, bracelets and blah blah blah. Real useful.

I bought one soft toy too, yes, it's my MuMu... Hahaha... RM3 only!

Then, 2 boxes of paper clips, RM1 each.

2 boxes of duster wiper refill, RM1 each.

And some other nonsense things...
Alright, that's all.
If you are free, can go there to take a look, k?