Saturday, 30 June 2007

My dinner

Mom went out with aunt tonight. I don't feel like want to follow them, so, I'm alone at home, having my own dinner.

So, I have the super unhealthy dinner tonight!
Recognise this? Hmm, my favourite french fries...
Ya, I'm having McD tonight.
I have the Fish Supreme set. Kinda supreme, haha... But don't you think is hard to pronounce the word 'fish' and 'supreme' together? Before eat your burger, remember, add in some french fries + chili sauce... hehe...
Large French fries, wuahahahaha...

After all the green color food is over, now it's blue color fever in McD. Because of the movie Surf's Up. This drink has a fantastic name- Blue McFizz. Lame. They used to have this during the movie Finding Nemo and Monster Inc. (if not mistaken) was on cinema.
My comment to this new set of meal in McD is, erm, well, if you are a big fan of McD like me, grab it now; if you are not, don't ever try it.

I don't know, but I feel the filet was a bit dry. Call it crispy or whatever, I still prefer the juicy filet. Don't you?

i just love to eat & shop

it's makan time again...went out makan with my a place which well known for its cakes but not food...but we gave it a try...we went to...........


hhmmm...let the pictures do the talking instead of me..................

BBQ chicken chop (it come with rice...malaysian style i suppose)

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (with rice too)

Singapore Laksa

i had RO water,coz i dont want the delicious taste mix with other juices promise us this..

caramel frap...i prefer coffee bean blended over starbucks'

i hate window i bought this little bag with long 'heng' ma...

(not cheap wei...rm30++)

dad gonna wear this to bro's convo...we bought it as father's day gift

Thursday, 28 June 2007

So I did the cooking yesterday.

Ingredients: Dried shrimps, garlic, long bean, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, rice

Fried the dried shrimps, after that add in garlic, long bean, rice, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce...

Then, add in some water, put into the rice cooker to cook, hehe...

Very simple right? Try it, real yummy~

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

no shopping~~ =(

went to kl yesterday...didnt really shop much...kinda rush...but we manage to have nice lunch in ...


mommy had hot ying yong...

i had cold honey pamelo

my food is & spicy chicken chop in spagetti

(not really spicy...i mean it tasted more like black pepper)

side dish...forgot what it called...but the sauce is the same with my spagetti

all finish...nice drink...recommended by serena...


before going back home...we had another drink...and bite too...

LARGE san francisco ice blended mocha

i prefer chocolate 1 rather than cappucino...but both still yummy!!!

Didnt shop anything for say wait for next week on carnival sales...bahh~~

Friday, 8 June 2007

Watson warehouse sales...

First time I went for a warehouse sales like this...

So the Watson warehouse sales is in South City Plaza @ Serdang. At first I thought I can find lots of cosmetic like ZA or at least babyblue... I wanted to buy those hair styling gel from Lucidol too... But no, nothing.

The sales is at 1st floor (until this Sunday) and it's really in a mess! Like a big store room. We went there at night, so not many people around. Then I walked and take a look, but couldn't find anything. But my cousin started to dig for some nice stuff. So, my mood come lor.

At the end of the day, we bought few storage boxes, those fabric type one, big and small, for RM5 only!!! Damn cheap! I can use it to put all my nonsense stuff in it, like cosmetics, earrings, bracelets and blah blah blah. Real useful.

I bought one soft toy too, yes, it's my MuMu... Hahaha... RM3 only!

Then, 2 boxes of paper clips, RM1 each.

2 boxes of duster wiper refill, RM1 each.

And some other nonsense things...
Alright, that's all.
If you are free, can go there to take a look, k?

Thursday, 7 June 2007

yummy-licious dinner

hey guys...malacca is a place full with culprits for those who are in diet plans and wanting to slim down...because there's so many great food here~

i just had my dinner in newton...located in the heart of town...( beside mahkota parade and dataran pahlawan shopping complex) ...seriously...the food there was great~!!!

the who food court was divided into 2 is non-halal...another 1 is family and i had our meal at non halal corner....

bro and i had the famous toechew bakuteh...sslluurrrppp....with yam rice...

closer look on yam rice...serena~!! i missed ur yam rice damn much!!

main dish...i love celery!!!


mom had this...lei cha...very greeny....the soup also green...

mom didnt put small prawns (sia mi) another good news for vegetarian~


herbal chicken with of my fav....


popiah~ looks yummy rite?


overall...the meal was great...filling......and an extra kilo in me again~!!! i wanna loose weight so badly~!!! wawawawawawa~~~