Wednesday, 4 July 2007

nyonya style

i went kuala lumpur the past two days...well...nothing much there...just went up and helped my boyfriend to cleaned up his house...check it out here....
hey guys...if you are a malaccan...or you happen to drop by malacca...and craving for nyonya dishes...drop by at NYONYA SUAN...located in melaka raya...i feel it's affordable and the food there is really great....

nasi campur with rendang chicken


must-try cendol


the nasi campur only cost rm3.50 and the cendol is rm1.50...means i had rm5 for a meal...worth it? and it was super filling~! trust me!


another unrealted story aunt gave me some hair styling products....let's see.....

Redken Outshine


Kadus liquid ice forming fluid


The Face Shop


aunt even get me a glitering nail polish from Elianto


but still...i not really like those hair styling products that aunt gave...coz they dont make my curls hard...i felt insecure and feel that my hair curls will loose up and in the end turn to be straight...(like hers...hehehe)

ohh ya...i dyed my hair 2months ago for rm100... because im sick with my silky black hair... want to try something different...i dyed RED VIOLET...combination of red and purple... from the sample it looks pretty awesome... but till today... i cant see the color on my hair..damn!! pretty frustrated... rm100 is NOT a small amount for a student...and yet...i cant see any result in it!!


but where can i find cheap and trustworthy hair stylist? *sigh*

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NYP said...

Hey.. I'm straving like nobody's bussiness and here I see pictures of mouth-watering foodstuffs(and there's nothing at home that I can eat). ;___; And I'm salivating.

Um, years ago I tried to colour my hair dark blue, but it turned out to be a shade darker than my already dark hair. So my advice to you is to bleach your hair to a lighter tone. If you're afraid of damaging your hair then try using mild bleach, meaning that it won't turn your hair to a shade too light. Get some treatment, rest for a few days then dye your hair again. Btw, I suppose that you can dye your hair yourself or get a friend to do it? It's much cheaper! ^^;;

Good luck! =D