Saturday, 14 July 2007

Friday the 13th

believe me...friday 13th isnt a bad luck day after cooked for the day...wooohooo~~ i've been longing for mom's cooking for quite long since she was so busy at work that didnt have much time to do the cooking....i just love soups...very very very much...really...i even bought instant miso soup to bring up to kl just in case im longing for SOUPs~~~

delicious lotus peanut soup (fa shang nin ngau tong)

fresh prawn sambal...

cabbage with prawns

steamed the one serena had before...


a simple dishes really can brightens up your family members and at the same could actually eat healthier and spend lesser on takeaway food...i do believe this way....


ohhh ya..i was dropping at the mall just now...and this caught my eye...

it's limited edition...if you are a coffee's darling loves it

*but it's kinda ex...this box cost me rm2.59

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